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Activities through the Guild
"the Canary Project"
Wild CSA's
Wild Plant Assessments & Recommendations
Walks, Talks, & Chef Prepared Tastings


Certification of Wild Food Gatherers
As Wild Food Gatherers, to be proficient and truly responsible,  we must have an intimate knowledge of the land and plants we harvest.  Therefore, we will begin voluntarily, to evaluate, by examination, wild food gatherers knowledge of habitats, knowledge of proper ethical collection techniques, and most important; knowledge of proper identification techniques, and, to grant certificates to those who pass such examinations at specified levels of attainment.
This will help insure safe Food Sourcing for the restaurants and the general public.
Please feel free to send in your suggestions and comments on this program.

Apprenticeship & Partnering Programs

Under development


    Friends & Supporters, Novice & Hobbyists, Educational - Instructors & Students,
    Culinarians - Chefs, Waitstaff, & Restaurants, and Professional Gatherers & Wild Crafters
To improve proficiency and become truly responsible, members must develop an intimate knowledge of the land they harvest. 

Therefore, the Guild will provide an opportunity for discussion of professional topics and, pursuit of such other activities as contributes to the fulfillment of the purposes of the Guild. 


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