A Guild?  Why Now?

The Wild Food Gatherers Guild fulfills an educational need through hands
on, guided training with experienced wild crafters. 

As a working chef, I need to depend upon a knowledgeable source for wild crafted foods that are correctly identified, correctly spore printed or tagged; whose harvesting practices are respectful of its environment and long term site health, as well as being knowledgeable about ecological
implications of pollution, farm and storm drain run-off.

In an effort to preserve and safeguard traditional gathering methods and traditional knowledge, to provide fair wages for services, monitor pollution, and protect and restore harvesting sites, an educational program for new wildcrafters and amateur gatherers becomes a necessity fulfilled by the Wild Food Gatherers Guild. 

As a responsible chef, I need to know that these issues are being addressed.

Executive Chef Tom Bivins


Founders and Board Members

Nova Kim and Les Hook

Executive Chef Tom Bivins


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